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What is The Hair Toppers?

Hello dear friends, are you a wild man and love hair extensions? Surely you do not miss another good option and the quality is Hair toppers. You do not need to use the Wigs just for the need or bald on your head. The other side is very much you ask with questions “What is a topper“. So here we find out.
The hair topper- Layla Vietnamese Hair
Everything is so simple now for a bald head or a damaged part of your hair. A head that is sometimes called a “wig” or “head”, but usually people will. just call it a hair topper. Go to basic, a first start includes your head. Toppers come in different sizes, and you can choose from a variety of styles depending on the shading wave you need – only 2 x 4 inches and just sit on your part, size 8 x 9 inches and most like to cover all your start! Top up your hair with the clips, and your hair will be worn underneath to add the first hair. That’s it, most toppers will cover your head so that it fits in perfectly. both male and female. This has meant that there is an excellent solution for women under rude hair, hair and hairy, and female For women not to lose all their hair, it can be very difficult to decide between a wig and a head. There are pros and cons for both, so I decided to put a complete list here for those who are considering them to choose! And consideration and consideration are essential for hair topper.
The hair topper lenght
Topper Pros,toppers hair  are much more natural than wigs. This makes the first toc blend well with your hair students and is well built, with one that is eye-catching. Wigs can be cumbersome and silly and the truth is that sometimes it is difficult to look after, but with a hooded cake that is completely suppressed. A hair topper extensions  is the perfect choice. Hair can be unbearably hot in summer, especially in the eastern countries! Wearing a blouse means that only one of your heads is covered, and they are softer and breathable so with full wigs. And even if you want to edit it does not matter to the hair topper.
Attributes to the head size of the headline, you can usually default to your hair in a realistic ponytail, bread, or other baking styles such as curly or straight. Although a tail of hair with a wig is often impossible – it’s too bulky with too much hair, it’s unrealistic, and the weft may appear at the head of the neck or slip out of your control. Topper hair are more affordable than wigs! All less, less so less, must be? Topper Cons. But generally the price of hair topper is always very suitable for all ages and ability of each person. Due to its natural top, it must match the color and texture of your hair. This may be a challenge when set online, visually seen.
The Hair Topper- 100% Virgin Human Hair
You can usually put a color that suits most of the suppliers to match the color with your hair. The hair color will make you look confident and the younger the better if possible. The topper hair has to bring true. lots of interesting experiences. Some women are having problems with these films to protect their head. Usually, especially if we have cheaper quality, we can pull, pull and use you, sometimes causing headaches and even soreness. If you keep the clips on the same part of your hair every day, you can lose more hair in that area, from the strings of hair and stuff it up. If your hair loss is concentrated in the front, like many women suffer from alopecia, it may be difficult to find an area on your front line to attach the clips. In this field, link to head (keo or sticky) to your first front of your first.

When you wear a chef, you have to create your own style. For me, this means blowing it and straightening it or curling it along with the topper hair  to make them blend and mix nicely. This is very high maintenance so with a fake kit, because with a wig you can just throw it on your tangled hair and no one will know! As you see, privileges and equal to balance. When I started a hair, I straighten up to make hairs because I do not want to go with the assortions of one of the best studios of my style for both. However, when the summer came, my sweaty head knew I needed a choice, and I started one. My time One Topper Most all the days! I am almost at the point where I do not have enough hair to make it work, but as long as I can, I will wear it, because it is very comfortable!
Topper hair extensions will always be your number one choice when choosing the right hair piece. If you have any doubts or questions, hopefully you will comment and keep up with us. Thanks for watching.
Source: laylahair.com

Best Human Hair Toppers For Thinning Crown

Best Hair Topper For Thinning Crown

In any age, beauty is always honored. Your beauty is not only shown by your face, but also your extension. However, it is really unfortunate if you get thinning crown. This drives you crazy and you think that you look like a bit stupid and not beautiful. Will you lost your self-confidence and not go out to meet everyone? No, it won’t happen. So, you need to find a solution for this thing. You are thinking about a hair topper for thinning crown. Today, Layla Hair will help you find out suitable hair topper for you.
What is hair topper for thinning crown
Firstly, I will talk a little about thinning crown. These are some signs of thinning hair you need to know: widening of the part; seeing more skin on the scalp when hair is pulled back; hair looks flat or doesn’t hold style as well; more hair on the pillow; more strands on the brush; more hair in the drain; sunburn on the scalp; a thinner ponytail or increased looping of the holder around the ponytail. Furthermore, thinning crown mainly happens in top of head, so it is know thinning hair in top of head( a type of hair loss or alopeca having in women and men). If you notice several of these signs, see a physician or dermatologist to treat. Inspire of having treatment, your thinning crown can’t disappear immediately. You must waste more time and money for this. After your hair become normal, you must worry about touchy hair. Another more efficient and simple solution for you is Hair topper for thinning Crown.
What is hair topper for thinning crown? Best hair topper is sometimes referred to as a “half wig” or “top piece” which cover on the crown or the top of your head. Think of a hair topper like the middle ground between hair extension and wig. Unlike a wig, it blends seamlessly with your own natural hair. Unlike hair extensions, it adds volume to your hair in areas that are prone to thinning like the crown or top of the head and the sides. The Layla Hair’s hair topper provides coverage where or how you need it most. As a result, today, you are here with Layla Hair to find a proper hair topper for thinning crown.
Best hair Topper- 100% Virgin Human Hair
Traditional Hair extensions do not address the crown and side volume loss because they are applied on the back of the head. And to further complicate, not all toppers are created the same. All of them rely on damaging clips to adhere to the head, or worse yet are bonded with glues. The only exception to that is stretchable, no-clip hair topper by Layla Hair. With its coverage, our hair topper allow you to go about your active lifestyle. Don’t worry when a strong wind blows, and do outdoor activities you love. Our innovative design also make me not be hurt as when you apply tradition hair toppers and extensions. The old methods of adding length and volume have damaged your own hair. Even the most friendly methods, like clips, will put tension on the hair and may cause breakage. Our hair topper for thinning crown will solve this problem led us to create something that would gives us the volume and length we wanted  without the damage to own hair: no glues, no clips, no anchors and best of all – no damage!
A lot of people usually apply wigs although they get thinning crown. It can be difficult to decide between a wig and a hair topper. Actually, you need a hair topper for thinning crown than a wig. There are advantages in hair topper comparing with wig:
  1. Toppers often look much more natural than wigs. It is really assumed that the topper is properly blended with your bio hair and is constructed well, with a realistic-looking scalp. Wigs can be unwieldy and just downright “wiggy,” but the appreciably lesser amount of hair on a topper avoids that completely.
  2. Wigs can be intolerably hot in the summer! Wearing a topper means only part of your head is covered and they’re often more lightweight, so breathable than a full wig.
  3. Depending on the size of the topper, you can usually wear your hair in a very pragmatic looking ponytail, bun, or other updo. The smaller the topper, the higher the ponytail can be. Wearing a ponytail with a wig usually impossible – it’s too unwieldy with too much hair, doesn’t look natural, and the wefts may be reveal at the nape of your neck.
  4. Toppers’ price are much more reasonable than wigs! Of course – smaller product, less hair, less money, right?

Hair topper before and after

There are many problems around the hair topper like scalp problems before and after dying, new hair growth can dry, split or smooth. . . So, knowing the hair before and after dyeing is essential, it gives you the knowledge to effectively care for your hair as well as find the optimal solution if the hair growth is difficult to do. pretty. After suffering early to mid-stages of hair loss for the past few years, finding toppers has been a dream  that comes true. A medical solution was no longer going to cut it, it is why you should find a cosmetic alternative has been life-changing.
Hair topper before and after photos
Firstly, about hair topper before dyeing, of course you will own a hair color and color muwowjwt, in case you moisturize the hair thoroughly to avoid damage. But only for a month, your hair topper will average 1.5-2 cm long, this will cause your hair to be exposed. Your hair suddenly has two completely different colors, especially for the hair color floats or hair bleach.
The second thing is that when you dye your hair, the damaged hair becomes discolored, hard and split. It is difficult to control the level of alkaline oil on the tail. What if the new hair grows out of this? You said no, because some of the chemicals have already infiltrated your scalp, even the hair follicles may become weaker than you think.
There are countless ways for you to accidentally damage your hair topper, from styling your hair every day to the heat treatment, to the hair, but it will take a certain amount of time to damage. It really shows and makes you worry. Once you are aware of the signs of damaged hair early, you can do something to quickly prevent this problem. Understanding some of the ways to check your hair condition in order to fix and care for your hair before using expensive treatments is a great suggestion for you.
  1. Split toe hair after cutting
Cut tops are a visible sign of damaged hair, but what you need to study is the amount of time it takes to cut / trim the hair. Once you cut the split ends, the ends of the hair topper will stop splitting for at least a month and for many ladies up to 2 months. If you are trying to improve your hair condition, it is important that you pay special attention to split ends and often cut and trim your hair every few months.
  1. The hair becomes dry and Curly
When the weather is harsh, it ravages your hair more than ever and you start to notice that the hair is getting curly, which is one of the most obvious signs of your hair. is damaged. Dry hair condition is always prone to wrinkles, so if you have a common hair care regime, your hair will react differently, that may be a problem.
  1. Easy to break in the middle of the hair.
Whether you like using a regular comb or a styling brush, check out what’s left after brushing. If you see hairs on the comb having the length that corresponds to the length of your hair, there is nothing to worry about. However, if you are experiencing frequent shorter hairs, being cut off at the center of the hair shaft or near the ends of your hair, that indicates that your hair is definitely damaged and needs a little attention to recover. again
  1. You feel the change in hair texture
The texture of rough, jagged or rugged hair is one of the most obvious signs of damaged hair. If you are checking the hairline just before cutting / pruning, you can only deal with split ends. Compare the hair texture from topper to tip and other areas (around the top of the head and neck), which is how you can easily identify major contradictions in the texture of the hair.
  1. Hair becomes thinner / Hair is reduced.
Notice that changes in the amount of hair are also important to determine hair loss. When you encounter this problem is also the time you need to care for more hair. Using a hairspray every day to make your hair topper bloated and thick can also cause damage, so instead of using “quick” products daily, take care of the Add the necessary nutrients to the hair.
  1. Too spongy hair
When your hair does not have enough moisture, it will become porous, quickly absorbing any moisture in the environment. To check if your hair is in this condition, put some hair topper in the water, if your hair absorbs water quickly and then becomes more porous, really need hair. get you more attention.
Hair Topper Before and After
But, just a wig, you will have long, short hair, color, curly or straight as you want. The best hair toppers for thinning crown is waiting for you to take them to my home. For more details, we are committed to providing you with the most natural and durable hair. You don’t need to be worry about The hair topper before and after anymore.
Call at Layla Hair website to choose proper hair topper or contact us by tel/viber/whatsapp: 0084932217211. Our hair toppers are really:
  • High quality human hair
  • 100% cuticle intact from root to tip
  • Raw material collected from only healthy donor
  • Special technology, thick ends, no synthetic, no tangle, no shedding, keep textures
  • Easy to make style
  • Fast shipping via UPS, DHL, FEDEX…
Thank you for your concern.

Real Cambodian Hair Reviews

Cambodian hair sale itself is still the brand new thing to many people, not to mention Raw Cambodian Hair Review. Nowadays thanks to Youtube, a lot of beauty bloggers can get paid doing Cambodian Hair Reviews and Cambodian Hair Company Reviews, but you can totally tell if they are telling the truth.
In order to bring the concept of 100% Raw Cambodian Hair to many more people in this planet – who equally deserve a good try of Raw Cambodian Hair Bundles, Layla Hair will show you how to recognize real and fake Cambodian Hair Reviews and Cambodian Hair Reviews in the writing below.

In order to promote Cambodian Hair Sale, it is not unusual to see a Cambodian Hair Company create Fake Raw Cambodian Hair Reviews just to draw buyer’s attention. Below are several examples:

Fake Cambodian Hair Reviews 

Some would even use same Hair Review under different clients’ names (Oops!!!)

It is really easy to tell if a Cambodian Hair Review is truthful or not. There would be some points for you to look at:
1. Only trust who states out both good and bad sides of Cambodian Hair bundles. Nothing in this world is perfect, even the Earth is not round.
2. 100% Raw Cambodian Hair Bundles are usually frizzy and tangle a little bit. There ARE silky Cambodian Hair Weave but very rare. If they are, they are normally not wavy or curly. Cambodian Hair Salon and Cambodian Hair Sellers often use a special type of Hair Gel to obtain the wet, clean and shiny look for wavy and Curly Cambodian Hair Weave. If the Cambodian Hair Reviews you are reading does not match these characteristics, please think twice.
3. Cambodian Hair Reviews with pictures and videos are often more reliable. At least you know they are real human writing those Hair Reviews.
4. For wavy and curly textures, you could not expect every bundle would have the same curls and waves, even when they are 100% Raw Virgin Cambodian Hair. The maximum amount of Cambodian Hair Bundles that we can collect from one girl is 2. Perfect matching Cambodian Hair bundles and closures would have high percentage to be processed.
5. Good Cambodian Hair Weave Reviews are always from those who write the Hair Reviews after months or at least several times wearing Cambodian Hair. It is better with pictures of before and after.

If you are looking for a Cambodian Hair Company as your wholesale vendor, my recommendation is not to depend on those Cambodian Hair Company Reviews on Youtube, especially those doing “Best Cambodian Hair Company Reviews”, “Best Cambodian Hair Companies”, “Best Cambodian Hair Bundles” with a GIVEAWAY. So by which way can you tell that a Cambodian Hair Sale Company is credible? Easy!
1. Visit their factory
If you have enough time and money to spend on a business trip, this is the best choice and best Cambodian Hair Company Review ever. You can not only see and test the hairs yourself, but can also keep it as your own business secret, with that not being shared everywhere on public social media. By visiting the factory, you are able to take pictures and videos of the making process, which builds up the credibility of your business and makes your Cambodian Hair Sales go more smoothly.
Also, Southeast Asia Area are full of Real Human Hair Options, you can take time to compare tons of companies that locate near each other. It does not cost much once you arrive there.
2. Video chat
This is the second best Cambodian Hair Cambodian Hair Review. With this option, you are able to see the Cambodian Hair Bundles and Cambodian Hair Factory. A note for you is that not every Sales would work on their factory. You might have to start a conversation first and set up a time when will the Sales would be available at the Factory. The best part is it does not cost any penny at all.
3. Testing Cambodian Hair Bundles yourself by placing samples
Honestly this would cost a lot with trial and error, but it is good for your Cambodian Hair Sale. You can only know their actual delivery time and their customer service when you buy from afar.

Where to buy Cambodian Hair? Layla Hair is also a good option too. We welcome every client who would want to visit our factory in Bac Ninh, Vietnam. We have our Cambodian Hair picked very carefully by our KCS team living in Cambodia. For those who are ready to try some bundles as samples, we gladly let them take the 100% Cambodian Hair Bundles away with our wholesale price. Interest? Contact us in the chatbox below

Why Laylahair company becomes the raw Cambodian hair wholesale vendor

Laylahair company is big raw Cambodian hair vendors in Hanoi, Vietnam. We have own factory, have fresh and healthy sources hair. We offer top quality to 20 different countries in the world at Cambodian hair wholesale prices.
Why Laylahair company become the big Cambodian hair wholesale?
  1. Cambodian hair that we collected are cut off from the heads of Cambodian ladies, only healthy donors.
  2. We do not sell the hair from unknown sources.
  1. 100% Cambodian remy human hair has never been processed or treated with any kind of chemicals and the human hair is in its natural state with its cuticles running in the same direction and intact.
  2. Cambodian hairs have both silky and coarse texture, their strand maybe either thin or thick, and their pattern could be either straight, wavy or curly. They has a beautiful and natural shine. And we try to keep that natural texture of the hair.
  3. You can bleach, dye and process the hair type without worrying about tangle and shed. Cambodian Hair salons love it because it’s easy to bleach and dye.
  4. They are durable and high quality. Because they are real human hairs, the life expectancy is beyond excellent (if you take care of them on the right way).
  5. It is very easy to style, you can create just about any style you want. Because they have different textures, diferent lengths.
  6. Our hair has to pass many quality control test before it ever reaches your hands to make sure you are getting the best possible hair.
Cambodian hair Prices:
  1. We offer the best hair at the fairest price for you.
  2. Even if you just order a litlle hair as sample. We still give you the wholesale Cambodian hair prices.
  3. We have customer policy when you become our familiar customer.
Customer service:
  1. We are proud of our customer service. We don’t just sell you hair. We want to make sure every aspect of the process is perfect, from ordering to delivery and then.
  2. We share with you all the hair experiences that we have.
Delivery time:
  1. We need some days to do order. We have only raw hair in stock, it needs to be carefully selected, cleaned. All our hair is new, clear.
  2. About shipping time, We ship all orders within 72 hours via UPS, DHL. We also ship everyday except Sunday , so that you get your order faster.
Here are some reasons that why Laylahair company becomes the raw Cambodian hair wholesale vendors.
Beside Cambodian hair, we also provide 100% human remy hair from Vietnamese ladies.
We will try to make you feel happy when you and your customer wear our hair.
Lets choose us as your wholesale hair vendors.

The Difference between Ombre vs sombre

Trends come and go, but it looks like gradient hair is here to stay. Over the past few seasons, we’ve transitioned from foil highlights and solid all-over colour to softer and more natural looking dye jobs.
Gradient hair color has gripped the attention of people on all fashion runways, red carpets and even city streets. Dark haired girls who longed for having blonde hair for a while rushed to the beauty salons to Ombre their hair. Now there’re a great variety of hair dyeing techniques: californian highlights, balayage, shatush and even strange and unusual somber. Let’s study the question thoroughly.
Celebrities often choose gradient on their hair, as it looks beautiful in any hairstyle in the spotlight.
All the techniques are based on classical hair highlights in which some of your locks are dyed light. Modern hair dyeing can offer you different variants of color gradation – from bright and contrasting to light and subdued. The main aim of such a technique is to create natural hair as if it is faded by the sun. The very combination of light and dark colors on your hair makes it look alive and glossy.
If Ombre was popular last year, nowadays everybody talks about sombre. In this season it’s the most fashionable hair dyeing technique in Hollywood. And now we’re going to tell you what the difference between them is.
Ombre is a color gradation from dark hair roots to light ends. In the middle the line between two shades is blurred. You can ombre only dark hair (from chestnut to black one) to make the color gradation visible.
Sombre is some light colored locks which create the effect of the hair faded by the sun. In this case roots can be just few shades darker than the rest of the hair and the line between two colors is hardly noticeable. Sombre technique can be used even on fair or blonde hair with the same effect of the play of color.
When using the ombre techniques the gradation from dark to light color starts, as a rule, in the middle of your hair length or even lower. With the help of somber hair is dyed closer to the roots. The usual distance is 5 cm. Besides, we dye not all the amount of hair, but just a few locks which then create the color gradation.
Ombre is a very contrasting dyeing technique. The gradation between color is quite easy to see, especially when the natural color of your hair is rather dark. In fact, Ombre looks like deep roots after blonde hair dyeing, but much more beautiful.

ombre-and-sombre-diffirence-color gradation-laylahair
Sombre is a lighter variant of modern hair dyeing which gives a natural light color of hair ends, creating the effect of sunflecks in your hair.
They’re both highlighting techniques, but create subtly different results. With traditional foils, the highlights are uniform and defined. Balayage, taken from the French word meaning “to sweep”, is a freehand technique in which swatches of hair are sectioned and hand painted against a backing board with a lightening agent. After painting, each swatch is covered in cellophane. As balayage highlights are less systematically placed, you end up with fatter, less symmetrical, more random highlights, resulting in a more casual, beachy finish.
Unlike ombré, which worked best for brunettes in the past, sombré works for everyone. Olivia Wilde presents a fine example of balayage, while Poppy Delevingne wore them at her wedding recently. You can balayage a short pixie crop, but for best results, work it on thick, heavy hair that sits below the shoulders. Balayage is a great option if you like the look of chunkier highlights with more contrast and less blonde.

If you’re just thinking about trying such techniques, look through the following pieces of advice:
  1. Don’t dye your hair by yourself or go to the beginners or amateurs. Such techniques are rather difficult and require certain skills from the hairdresser.
  2. Such hair dyeing takes you at least 5 hours even if you have only shoulder-length hair. Be ready for it.
  3. Ombre and somber dyeing are quite expensive. A good hairdresser can charge you 25$ as a minimum.4. As any highlights it will do your hair lots of harm. After changing your style you’d better buy special hair care products and take hair treatment from time to time.
Gradient hair dyeing is a perfect variant for those who don’t like to go to the hairdresser’s very often or, for example, for those who let their hair grow.  Such hair dyeing needn’t any touch-ups, as the gradation of colors is soft and light and deep roots won’t be a problem for you.
Hopefully, through this discussion, i can bring an overview of hair extensions to you, especially of hair color. In the near future, Layla’s team will try our best to improve the technology to supply you with various colors including cold colors group.
We are so open – minded to hear all advice from customers so do not hesitate to contact us!
Source: https://laylahair.com/what-the-difference-between-ombre-or-sombre/

What is The Hair Toppers?

Hello dear friends, are you a wild man and love hair extensions? Surely you do not miss another good option and the quality is Hair toppers...


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